We help start-ups launch quickly, scale effectively and embed agility into their business model by delivering superior technology and FinTech expertise

Your Challenge

In today’s dynamic environment good ideas must come to market fast, attract clients  with a compelling value proposition and ensure stakeholders such as regulators and investors are satisfied. 

After launch new challenges await such as scaling, innovation and achieving financial sustainability. Only those with superior technology and a reliable partner will succeed

Our Solution

Union provides a full platform for the digital finance era covering client engagement, onboarding, credit scoring and back office management. We call this Digital Core.

Our technology is Cloud based, API friendly, modular and customisable. We can bring you to the market in weeks with a tested solution and make it easy to grow thereafter.

Superior technology is augmented by our client first philosophy. We share domain expertise gained from 20 years of world-class FinTech projects and tailor a licensing structure which supports your growth.

Winning Strategy

In the digital era it is essential your brand is differentiated and clients receive a frictionless online experience. We begin by creating a digital strategy which brings your concept to life and map the critical path to launch and scale. We optimise processes, UI and UX to ensure service delivery is effective and efficient. Offline processes are similarly optimised.

Solid Platform

Our back-office solutions provide a digital core on which to run banking, lending and markets operations. All essential modules exist including client records, messaging, configuration (product, channel, process), document repository, transaction management payments, reporting and accounting. We are constantly adding more.

Engaging Propositions

Union | online is a suite of internet, mobile and POS solutions. Clients find it easy to locate and understand your offer, improving conversion rates. Self-service options empower the client with personalised, frictionless service 24/7, creating loyalty and keeping operating costs low.

Frictionless Onboarding

First impressions matter. Union | comply provides automated AML and ATF screening using internal and external data sources, RegTech solutions such as visual verification and PEP screening can also be integrated. Clients receive answers in minutes, within a GRC framework which is robust, auditable and efficient.

Credit Scoring

For lending businesses Union | comply allows you to measure credit capacity and score loan applications in real-time. Start quickly using reliable third-party sources and integrate your own datasets over time. When a loan application is received Union | comply retrieves and analyses data in real-time, creating an accurate score in accordance with your credit policy.

Lean Ops

Union solutions benefit from smart automation features such as interest calculation, client messaging and reporting. Our solutions can be integrated to automate entire processes from onboarding to accounting, providing massive bottom line impact. We will host and support the solution.

Effortless Expansion

Designed for international financial services at scale, our solutions accommodate additional volumes with no impact on reliability or cost. New products can be launched in days using smart configuration templates. As a multi-tenant solution, it possible to add new countries and entities to the existing IT framework with minimal effort (some localisation may be required).

The Right Partner

With 20yrs FinTech experience ranging from global banks to start-ups, we understand that having the right partner is critical. We are happy to share our expertise to help you reach the best outcome fastest. We are also happy to tailor a licensing structure which preserves cashflow in early stages and incentives long-term mutual success.

Your Benefits

By partnering with Union your venture will generate immediate and long-term benefits:

Fast Time to Market

Union solutions provide all key modules and features to deliver financial services.

We can bring your business alive in weeks, while our tested approach provides you with trust and time to focus on commercial matters.

Strong Value Proposition

Clients receive answers in minutes via a frictionless, personalised experience.

By making it easy and providing self-service empowerment you create client loyalty and lower the cost of capture and service.

Business Model Agility

Having a digital core embeds efficiency and agility into your business model.

Receive deep, real-time insights of performance and add new products, entities and countries in a fast and effective manner.

See More

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