Credit Unions

Cost effective, easy to use solutions for your members and staff.

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Automated onboarding, scoring and loan management for consumer and asset finance.

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Full platform solution for digital finance: modular,  customisable, cloud based, and highly effective.

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Real-time client engagement, trading and management for FX, P2P and Crowfunding.

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API, regulator and budget friendly solutions which are fast to implement and easy to adapt.

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Our Solutions

We provide solutions and support for a wide range of digital finance needs, use standalone or integrate into a single, standardised solution.

Union | platform

Cloud based, open to API and customisable. Modules include client records, messaging, product management, accounting and reporting.

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Union | lms

Reliable functionality for automation of loan management. Benefit from improved insight, turnaround times and process efficiency.

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Union | comply

Automated KYC screening and credit decisions. Ensure compliant onboarding without sacrificing client experience or efficiency.

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Union | markets

Real-time trading, co-financing and management of financial instruments. Secure solution agile to changing market and client needs.

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Union | online

Attract clients, improve their experience and cross-sell 24/7 using our self-service, POS and customised solutions.

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Union | okia

Digital strategy, UX and process design solutions to ensuring your brand is alive and service delivery optimised.

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Case Studies

We have helped clients, large and small, by delivering value added solutions in a highly professional and flexible manner:

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