Improve Online engagement

Union I online supports the origination and servicing of clients across a range of digital channels. Modules include self-service internet portals, internet bank, mobile app, POS and customised solutions. Make it easy for clients to engage, self-service and buy your offer, when and where they want. Union I online supports a range of financial services including Banking, Lending, Insurance and FinTech.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Key Applications

Union I online has a wide range of applications to help you engage clients through digital channels.

Client Self Service

Clients receive real-time balances, transactions, statements, messaging and a frictionless online experience 24/7.

Smart Sales

Engaging tools and applications which provide personalised offers and make it easy for clients to understand and buy.

Effective Innovation

Digital channels provide deep insights on clients and allow the launch of new features and products in days, helping you stay ahead.

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Key Benefits

Union I online gives you a competitive edge by delivering immediate client and financial benefits and long-term agility.

Deeper Client Relationships

Deliver an excellent digital experience 24/7, empower clients with self-service and build loyalty using offers and rewards.

Bottom Line Impact

Drive revenue by increasing sales events and conversion, reduce the cost of client engagement utilising process automation and self-service.

Business Model Agility

Digital channels allow you to customise, execute campaigns and product launches effectively and transform your service delivery model easily.

Case Studies

Union I online has delivered value to clients across a wide range of financial services.

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