Kodumaa Kapital

Our Bank In a Box solution helps Kodumaa improve client engagement, make better credit decisions and run their back office efficienctly.

Country: Estonia

Segment: Credit Union


Kodumaa Kapital is a Credit Union providing lending and deposit solutions to retail and corporate clients.

Challenges faced by the business include high competition from mainstream banks; the lack of a Digital client engagement capability and a high degree of manual tasks creating inefficiency.

Union.digital Internet Bank was implemented to allow Kodumaa clients to check balances, request solutions and message 24/7/365. Kodumaa in turn provide updates and personalised offers. By creating a new Digital channel Kodumaa are able to expand their market reach in a cost effective, agile manner.

Union.score supports quality and compliance when opening new accounts and provides accurate measures of debt capacity and credit risk for personal lending requests. Real-time interfaces with internal data, the credit bureau and state information ensure accurate decisions based on the best possible data set.

Union.core is used to manage client records, documents, run reports and configure product features and prices. Portfolio views on loans and deposits supported by general ledger accounting ensure management have a real-time view on assets and liabilities.

Integration between the three modules provides straight through processing of client transactions and messages. The entire solution is hosted by Union, with training and service support to ensure Kodumaa is an effective user.

Having full, reliable front-to-back infrastructure allows Kodumaa to demostrate to investors and the regulator that they have appropriate systems, processes and disaster recovery.

Benefits derived include deeper clietn relationships from improved engagement, high profitability by automating data collection and complex tasks and corporate agility by making it easy to adapt and add new products.

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