Digital Agency

OKIA is a digital agency which conceives, designs and delivers customised digital solutions. Digital strategy integrated with UX and service design ensure your brand is differentiated and clients receive an optimised digital experience. Customised software development brings your idea to life quickly and effectively without sacrificing reliability. OKIA supports a range of financial services including Banking, Lending, FinTech and Insurance.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Key Applications

OKIA delivers a range of integrated services which help you engage clients through digital channels.

Digital Strategy

We take your concept, transform it into a viable solution and define the critical path to launch and scale.

Service Design

Design experts ensure your UI, copywriting and processes are optimised to deliver a frictionless user experience.

Software Development

Engineering, testing and delivery of MVP and full product solutions using Sprint methodology.

Key Benefits

OKIA gives you a competitive edge by delivering immediate client and financial benefits and higher brand equity.

Deeper Client Relationships

Deliver an excellent, personalised digital experience 24/7, creating higher client empowerment and loyalty.

Bottom Line Impact

Digital reduces the cost of client acquisition and service, and increases revenue by creating more sales events with better conversion.

Brand Equity

In the digital era it is essential your brand is differentiated, innovative and that client experiences match brand promises.

Case Studies

OKIA has delivered value to clients across a wide range of financial services.

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