Union Digital platform

Union | platform provides a digital core which supports smart automation, innovation and transformation. Modules including client records, messaging, deal management, payments, accounting and reporting allow you to manage critical business processes. Agile architecture which is open to API, customisable and Cloud hosted allows you to deliver effective operations. Union | platform supports a range of financial services including Banking, Credit Unions and Lending.

What is Digital Core?

Digital core provides fully integrated front-to-back infrastructure upon which financial services can be delivered. Cutting-edge technology means that your business will be flexible, scalable and efficient without sacrificing reliability.

Integrate 3rdparty solutions securely by API

Host in the Cloud or on your servers

Customise your products, features and modules

Client centric approach improves insight and user experience

Effective real-time operations 24/7 easy to scale and adapt

Universal approach across your operations and countries

Why Digital Core Matters

Financial Services is changing fast, from client requirements to market forces and technology the speed and scale of change are huge. Providers with legacy systems struggle while the digitally advanced gain competitive edge by delivering immediate and long-term benefits.

Improve your value proposition by delivering personalised service across all channels and frictionless online experience 24/7

Improve profitability by increasing cross-sell, making savings from process efficiency and reducing IT costs

Increase business model agility with deeper insights, real-time operations and easy deployment of new products and partners

Channels & Products

Digital core is omni-channel, ensuring a consistent and excellent client experience 24/7.

Internet, Mobile and POS channel integrations empower clients with self-service and reduce the cost of client capture and service

The human touch remains important, use smart automation to improve service design and free-up time for staff to speak to clients

Real-time operations, client centric insights and high usability make it easy for staff to provide fast and efficient service

Key Modules

Our solutions are modular and customisable, meaning you get exact what your business requires. Key modules include:

Client Records

Union solutions save all data, documents and transactions in relation to the client. It is possible to link clients such as a spouse or a business. A client centric approach ensures valuable data is saved and provides deep insights, improving KYC and service customisation.

Client Messaging

Send and receive messages using letters, email, SMS and digital channels. Messaging can be ad hoc, as part of a sales campaign or event based such as payment authorisation or missed loan repayments.

Channel Configuration

Configure internet, mobile and POS channels. Define what viewing and usage rights clients have to account information, messaging, new product requests and self-servicing. Clients can log-in using their digital identity or conventional password.

Product Configuration

Configure product feature such as rates, fees and conventions. Supports complex structures such as tiered pricing based on client status, channel, location, etc. Use of templates and controls reduces operational risk. Configure products at head office or in-country depending on governance.

Processes Configuration

Integrate third party providers and organise processes. Examples include client onboarding, loan issuance, interest calculation, messaging, reporting, etc. Ability to define frequency and degree of automation e.g. full, partial, dual sign-off required, etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Wide range of activity and financial reports for management and regulators. Reports can be run on an entity or fully consolidated Enterprise basis. Run reports in real-time or on a defined frequency such as daily, monthly, etc and deliver in CSV, HTML, PDF, XLS or XML formats. It is possible to request customised reports.

General Ledger

General ledger accounts prepared on an entity or consolidated Enterprise basis. Transactions automatically applied based on hierarchy of entities, product configuration, etc. Possibility to make manual entries subject to permissions. IFRS compliant.


Define what internal users see and do, supported by a detailed audit trail. Easy to add new products, languages, entities and features, improving time to market.

Document Management

Detailed information on current and deposit accounts. Supports multiple currencies, tenors, interest conditions and conventions. Automatic calculation and application of interest, easy to prolong on maturity.


Enabled for cash, bulk, internal, SWIFT and SEPA payments. Possible to make single payments in real-time or create bulk payments on a defined frequency. Option to define different payment priorities and tariffs. Secure, real-time interface with payment gateway and AML providers.

Loans, Leasing, Factoring

Detailed information on a loan, portfolio, entity or Enterprise level. Segment and filter data easily based on amount, location, tenor, loan officer, product and exposure status, including NPLs. Secure, real-time interface with other applications supports full automation of loan process.


Detailed information on current and deposit accounts. Supports multiple currencies, tenors, interest conditions and conventions. Automatic calculation and application of interest, easy to prolong on maturity.


Manage online channels and cash exchanges in the Bureau de Change. Real-time rates feed, trading and reporting ensure dynamic marketplace and risk. Add new currencies and asset classes quickly and easily.


Open architecture allows you to integrate the best third parties easily and securely by API.Typical examples include other internal systems and external parties such as Open Banking partners. Union | marketplace has numerous secure, reliable integrations and we are adding new ones to power the digital transformation of financial services.

Making It Easy

Whether you are undertaking digital transformation or starting a new venture, the prospect may appear daunting. We have deep expertise and can help you plan the optimal approach. Our solutions provide full front-to-back infrastructure, with existing integrations, making deployment fast effective. Our client first philosophy to project management and aftercare ensure your journey will be smooth and deliver results quickly.

Case Studies

Union | platform has delivered value to clients across a wide range of financial services.

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