Decision Engine

Union I comply supports the origination of clients and loans in a compliant manner, without sacrificing client experience or efficiency. Ensure business rules are embedded into daily operations and management receive real-time visibility. Analyse applications using internal data or integrate third party data and scorecards securely by API. Union I comply supports a range of financial services including Banking, Lending and Credit Unions.                                                                        

Key Applications

Union I comply has a wide range of applications, which support origination while ensuring compliant and efficient operations.

Compliant Onboarding

Process new requests accurately in minutes with automated screening against internal and external AML and KYC resources.

Credit Decisioning

Assess loan applications by measuring credit quality based on customisable criteria. Integrate own scoring models as required.

Strong GRC

Inbuilt features such as user and process control, audit trail and real-time reporting reduce losses and operational risk.

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Key Benefits

Union I comply gives you a competitive edge by delivering immediate client and financial benefits with strong control.

Better Value Proposition

Respond to client requests in minutes and ensure they receive the right solution. Integrate with Union I platform for full process automation.

Bottom Line Impact

Create process efficiency in the collection and analysis of data. Deep insights ensure lower losses to NPLs and fraud.

Corporate Governance

Make better decisions using real-time data from multiple sources. Originate clients and loans within a structured, auditable framework.

Case Studies

Union I comply has delivered value to clients across a wide range of financial services.

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