We helped insurance giant PZU increase policy salesand business model agility through digital channels.

Our Client

PZU is one of the largest insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe. Headquartered in Poland, PZU provides private and corporate insurance solutions in five countries and in 2017 had annual revenue of EUR 5.4bn and 16,000+ employees.

PZU’s Challenge

In today’s world, clients demand frictionless service through digital channels with an easy conversion of personalised offers. PZU’s challenge to OKIA was to create such an online experience for selling private insurance, in multiple languages, with integrated payments and policy issuance. To add to the mix, the new web solution had to be integrated to legacy systems without sacrificing user experience.

Digital Service Design

Our first task was to reconcile two seemingly different requirements: to make insurance attractive and easy to purchase while ensuring heavy but essential elements such as conditions were clearly understood.

To achieve this PZU’s website UX was optimised using graphical elements, smart copy and easy navigation to ensure that clients could purchase or receive more information in a single click.

Frictionless Conversion

To purchase a policy, clients utilise simple templates with tick-box and drop-down components. Indicative prices are a single click away and minimal personal details required in free-text form to complete any purchase.

Having compared options and selected the best, clients are directed to an integrated payment capability using cards and internet banking. Payment approval triggers immediate policy issuance in paper or digital form, with real-time integration to PZU’s core system to ensure client records are correct and cover valid.

Process Improvement

To ensure minimal business interruption we first implemented car insurance, optimised service delivery and thereafter replicated that for home, KASKO, travel and health insurance offerings, providing rapid but reliable deployment of PZU’s full product offering.

Over time we have worked with PZU to improve client experience further, including UX upgrades and integrating state data: by entering just a personal ID or car registration number clients can now receive offers and pre-filled applications in seconds.

Sustainable Benefits

By delivering a personalised, high-quality digital experience, PZU improved their client value proposition and outperformed sales expectations.

Migrating the business from a traditional branch:broker model has allowed PZU to embed sustainable benefits in their business model. Client relationships are now direct and real-time, providing valuable insights on market needs and business performance. Clients can be acquired and serviced at scale in a highly efficient manner. Time-to-market for new features, products and campaigns becomes faster and more efficient.