Danske Bank

Our Credit Scoring and Client Engagement solutions help Danske Bank improve profitability, corporate agility and governance.

Country: Estonia

Segment: Retail banking



Danske Bank is a leading provider of Retail and Corporate banking solutions in the Nordic-Baltic region.

In 2014 Danske’s challenges in Retail banking, Estonia included ensuring a standard approach across online and branch channels, matching credit policy to rapidly changing market conditions and the integration of internal client data with external credit registries. Due to the high cost of maintaining a branch network Danske also wished to accelerate a Digital transformation.

Union.score was implemented across Danske Bank’s branch network, allowing front line staff to ensure quality and compliance when opening accounts for new customers. Union.score was also implemented at Head Office to validate new personal lending requests.

Customised credit scoring models were created to match Danske Bank’s credit policy for specific products and segments. Real-time interfaces with internal data, the credit bureau and state registries ensure accurate decisions based on the best possible data set.

Scoring models are flexed regularly using simple drag and drop functionality, ensuring origination stays in line with credit policy and accommodates the introduction of new products. A full audit trail is provided for each transaction, including detailed information for each step in the scoring process.

By automating data collection Danske Bank has created process efficiencies while better, real-time analysis reduces losses to bad debt and fraud. Creating a consistent, auditable approach across all channels has improved data and corporate governance.

Danske Bank also provide Union.digital to their car retailing client to support the origination of leasing transactions at the POS. Applications are completed by the retailer using a simplified input screen, credit scored scored in real-time and, if approved, integrated contracts printed or signed digitally. A typical process takes 15mins, resulting in additional business for both parties.

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