Agile Solutions for Marketplace

Union I markets provides a digital core which supports client engagement, real-time trading and effective operations. Modules including client records, messaging, deal and portfolio management, payments, accounting and reporting allow you to manage critical business processes. Agile architecture which is open to API, customisable and Cloud hosted allows you to deliver reliable operations with control. Union I markets currently supports FX and loan products, with plans to add cryptocurrency and commodities.

Key Applications

Union I markets has a wide range of applications across all stages of the trade life-cycle, putting clients first and delivering effective operations.

Smart Automation

Full process automation from client onboarding to market trading and accounting, ensuring speed and efficiency 24/7.

Portfolio Management

Deep insights on a client, trade and portfolio level allow you to manage proactively and improve service design.

Strong GRC

Inbuilt features such as user and process control, audit trail and real-time reporting reduce losses and operational risk.

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Key Benefits

Union I markets gives you a competitive edge by delivering immediate client and financial benefits and long-term agility.

Better Value Proposition

Clients receive personalised service across all channels and frictionless online experience 24/7, creating higher loyalty and cross-sell.

Bottom Line Impact

Create higher profitability through process automation and Balance Sheet co-financing. SaaS license and full-service support ensure lean operations.

Business Model Agility

Launch new features, products and countries in days, integrate the best third parties easily and securely by API.

Case Studies

Union I markets has delivered value to clients across a wide range of financial services.

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