We helped online lender Finora Capital launch and grow their business in a fast and effective manner.

Our Client

Finora Capital is an online lender in Estonia. Launched in 2014 with a focus on simple short-term credit, today Finora Capital has expanded to include mortgages, hire purchase and factoring for consumer and SME segments.

Finora’s Challenge

Launching a fintech business offers huge rewards but is not straightforward. High-quality clients must be attracted with a superior value proposition and NPLs and fraud avoided. Management time is scarce and a mismatch exists between costs and revenues until critical mass is achieved. Regulators require a structured, robust approach.

Solid Foundations

Union I lms was implemented as the digital core of Finora’s operation, with a customer-centric structure allowing Finora to manage client data, transactions and relationships in a single place and send messages and repayment reminders to build engagement.

Smart automation features such as product configuration, automatic interest calculation, statement issuance, integrated contracts with digital signing, loan portfolio reporting and general ledger accounting helped keep administration low and free-up staff to focus on growth.

As Finora has expanded from simple consumer credit, our agile architecture has made it easy to scale volumes and launch new products including mortgages, hire purchase and factoring in days without sacrificing performance.

Keeping Quality High

Union I comply was implemented to validate new client and loan requests. Relying on external data such as credit bureau, state and AML registries initially, Finora was able to make reliable lending decisions based on a robust, real-time dataset. Data from Union I comply was monitored and back-tested on a regular basis to ensure pricing and credit policy were competitive and within investor approved KPIs.

Loan Process Automation

Thanks to open architecture Finora was able to integrate Union I lms and Union I comply with their SEO optimised homepage, unlocking full loan process optimisation. New clients received answers in minutes, creating a favourable first impression while existing clients were able to receive loyalty bonuses and self-service 24/7. As Finora’s internal dataset has grown this has been integrated to the credit scoring, creating a virtuous circle between client data and value proposition.


To extend market reach Finora added the Union I online internet portal solution, empowering clients to self-service 24/7 including checking balances, requesting new loans and messaging. A POS solution was developed to offer hire purchase products through third parties at the point of sale, when it matters most. Enhanced UX made it easy to understand the offer while integration with Union I comply and Union I lms allowed applications to be scored and closed in real-time.

Fast Track To Sustainability

Finora’s launch was fast and cost-effective thanks to our easy-to-use solutions, flexible approach and full implementation support. Smart automation, Cloud and SaaS options support a lean approach, allowing Finora to reach break-even earlier than forecast.

Long-term sustainability is embedded in the business model. Finora’s digital approach creates a strong value proposition where clients can self-service 24/7 and receive funds in minutes via a frictionless, personalised experience. Innovation and expansion are made easy by the ability to launch new features and products in days, while investor and FCA support has been forthcoming due to the reliability of real-time systems.

Union I lms

Union I comply