How We Help

Digital Strategy

  • How do you create a differentiated strategy and best serve clients through digital channels, especially in automated manner?

Union Fintech provides digital strategy, UX, design and software development solutions and has extensive experience in banks, insurance, lenders and FinTech in:

  • Multichannel analysis
  • Business plan / case analysis
  • Digital positioning
  • Digital sales strategy
  • Process automation

 Based on our existing digital solutions we will ensure that your digital strategy is viable, that your brand is unique and recognised, and clients receive a superior value proposition.

Time to Market

  • How do you launch new products, markets and businesses quickly and cost-effectively in a secure manner using existing tools and services?

For new ventures, we offer a full front-to-back solution which is Cloud based, API friendly and has modular functionality enabling open banking. The platform has been in the market since 2008. If we do not already have what you need, we will happily customise it. We have experience with integration in Scandinavia, Baltic countries, Poland, UK and Germany.

For market expansion, our agile and multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to add new products, entities, languages, and currencies to the existing IT framework.

By delivering scalable, flexible solutions we bring your business alive in days, while our well-tested approach, allowing you providing trust and time to focus on commercial matters.

We look forward to challenges that makes a difference! If you have a bank or lending license already, then you get started in one day.

Client Engagement

  • How do you provide valuable high-quality digital services and how do you align them with other channels?

Union platform is a suite of internet, mobile, POS and web tools that empower your clients with personalised, frictionless service 24/7.
Clients use self-service for communicating to service provider, getting account balances and statements, making payments and fx-deals, monitoring their deposits, loan-, leasing- peer-to-peer lending, cards or factoring contracts or applications, updating customer details, etc.

Easily integrated with other systems, Union platform delivers deeper client relationships, bottom line impact through lower costs and higher sale sand is easy to scale and adapt. A client centric approach ensures that valuable data is stored in accordance with GDBR for providing deeper customer insights and improving KYC factors.

Good communication automation via electronic channels (letters, email or text messages, call centre) keeps clients updated with news, segmented or score-based marketing campaigns, events, payments or loan repayment reminders. Machine learning methods support better understanding and segmenting of customers. Union decision engine design allows managers to handle business rules without IT.

Third-parties, e-commerce providers or agents allows you to extend your sales network.

It all enables serving clients digitally through automated self-service or at POS or at agent or broker. Customer behaviour statistics analysis keeps track of segment behaviours.

Digital KYC/AML Compliance Onboarding of Individuals and Corporate Customers

  • How do you sign new clients without sacrificing client experience and cost efficiency?

Union platform provides automated KYC screening followed by sanctions and PEP lists using internal and external data sources integrated with data collection and decision-making engine assessing customer risk.

Union sanctions list gathers all necessary sanctions from around the world.

Union data collection queries data from external registries in Germany, Poland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Union platform ensures account opening occurs in accordance with corporate governance, while automation ensures quick turnaround times, audit ability and process efficiencies.

Automation and Efficiency

  • How do you lower your cost-income ratio or higher your valuation?
  • How do you automate your processes and decisions?

Union platform is specially designed for the digital finance era. Functionality is modular and customisable, ensuring that you get exactly what you need. Your desktop for every workflow makes you always up to date with your business situation.

Processes are automated with help of integrated process management, without sacrificing client or user experience. Agile architecture supports real-time processing, cloud hosting and integrations.

Union decision engine and Data collector deliver improved bottom line with fast decisions and reduced costs for clients served. Improving client value propositions and business model agility delivers revenue gains through innovative process and decisions automation and client engagement.

Decision Making

  • How do you make fact-based decisions with inconsistent data and rapid changes?
  • How do you automate decision making with help of rule-based decision making and machine learning?

Union platform is specially designed to ensure that data is robust, comparable and transformable into BI. Helping managers to control their businesses, it allows client, transaction and financial statement data to be reported via dashboards and rule-based statistical reports. Reporting occurs in real-time, on daily close or over a defined period, on a subsidiary and consolidated group basis.
Management receives deep insights into performance and effectiveness, supporting and improving client, operational and strategic decisions.

Union decision engine can automate business processes with management-controlled decision trees, used for credit or customer risk scores, in payment processing for AML purpose, onboarding, for AML/KYC monitoring or on entire enterprise level.

Union data monitoring allows you to lower data risk by monitoring decisions and data on a regular basis. For increasing of analysis and validation capabilities Union decision engine employs guided machine learning.

Customer-centric Debt Collection and Reminder System

  • How do you collect debts without harming customer relations?
  • How do you attend to the needs of your customer?
  • How do you let customer feel special and engaged?
  • What is the behaviour of your customer?
  • What is the best way to communicate?

Customer centric collections is a novel and highly effective approach to debt management. It combines best business practices with cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal results. Benefits include improved collection productivity, overall recovery results and enhanced customer service.Every customer is important, he/she has individual needs and understanding it and listen to them they all deserves individual treatment. Digital engagement in self-service doesn’t help only customer manage their accounts and contracts but also for exchanging information about upcoming actions in 24/7, e.g. system can initiate preventative measures avoiding overspending etc.

Union debt recovery reminder system allows you to:

  • Automate Debt collection: Automatic customer alerts, debt reports, analytics.
  • Integrate to various Debt Collection Service Providers: sending debt claims to various service providers, automatic sale of debt claims, group debt portfolios for Debt Collection Service Providers or NPL marketplace.
  • Make Score-based decisions: collection scores, scores for debt write-off, etc.
  • Make rule-based activities: pre-programmed procedures based on customer communication channels.
  • Use various channels to interact: e-mail, SMS, Call center, e-bank, service .
  • Find updated contact information: addresses and telephone queries to external databases.
  • Share payment defaults: possibilities of sharing debt claims to other payment default registers, e.g. CreditInfo, etc.
  • Manage your Call Center from home office: all reminder calls can be done from and to your home office.

Risk Management

  • How do you improve your portfolio performance?
  • How do you manage and monitor your customers or transactions on a daily basis?
  • How do you make automated decisions based on credit risk score?
  • How do you onboard new customers?

We have over 15 years of experience in developing KYC / AML Risk and Credit Solutions.Union decision engine analyses internal and external data and scores loan applications in accordance with credit policies. It can segment and filter various data-based parameters, including amount, location, tenor, loan officer, product or exposure status, including NPLs.A secure, real-time API enable integration with other applications supporting full automation of business processes.

Our decision engine customers use it for:

  • Transactions screening
  • KYC/AML decisions
  • Credit decisions
  • Fraud decisions and screening
  • Probability models and machine learning
  • Customer risk and credit monitoring
  • Credit limit calculations
  • Automatic decision validation
  • Portfolio risk analytics
  • Data collection system allows collecting data from various sources systems from Germany, Scandinavia, Baltic States and Poland
  • We have developed an automatic monitoring system to monitor decisions on an ongoing basis. To increase its analysis and validation capabilities the Union decision engine employs guided machine learning


  • Why do you spend more time on control and reporting than on making your business better?
  • How do you improve management and regulatory reporting?

Union platform has in-built governance features and reporting of activity and financial statements.Client-centric and GL based architecture ensures all data, documents, transactions, and relationships are linked and identifiable. Governance features include access and process control augmented by a full audit trail. Real-time reporting ensures visibility.

Union statistics and reporting system allows you to present data on and for different medias like:

Services used by Union customers:

  • Financial performance: monitor financial performance every day, using automated role-based reports and dashboards.
  • Banking performance: gain new insights into branch and product performance with in-depth loan and deposit analysis.
  • Regulatory reporting: empower your finance department to deliver timely, error-free reports with automated regulatory reporting.

Integrated Data Management

  • How do you collect, validate, store and protect data for improving your business decisions and gain insights into customer behaviour, trends and opportunities?

Proper data management and use of data is the key to today’s economy. Union solutions are governed by GDBR guidelines and standards.

A data warehouse centralizes and consolidates large amounts of data from multiple sources. Its analytical capabilities allow organisations to derive valuable business insights from their data to improve decision-making.

Data Collector enables different database integrations, data mappings and data definition. It queries data from systems in Germany, Scandinavian countries, Baltic States and Poland.

Our Sanctions list is updated on a regular basis

Data transmission allows you to send data to various credit bureaus and national databases in Germany, Scandinavian countries, Baltic States and Poland.

API for integrations enables integration with various internal or external systems. Experience in Germany, Scandinavian countries, Baltic States and Poland.

Anonymisation of data: personal data used as a source for analytical or statistical means has been anonymised.


  • Do we have an open architecture, an API to integrate with, do we deliver the software as open source?
  • What is your technological stack?

All Union solutions benefit from open architecture, making it easy to collaborate with partners to launch new services, improve client experience and corporate governance. We possess numerous secure, reliable integrations and are adding new ones to power the digital transformation of financial services.