Financial Services Are Changing Fast, Get Agile For The Digital Era

From client requirements to market forces and technology, the world of financial services is changing fast.

Providers with a legacy systems struggle while the digitally advanced benefit from better client value propositions, bottom line and business model agility.

We provide value-added solutions, expertise and a flexible approach to ensure your digital transformation journey is smooth and effective.

Time to Market

How do you launch new products and businesses quickly and cost-effectively?

For new ventures, we offer a full front-to-back solution which is Cloud based, API friendly and has modular functionality. If we do not already have what you need we will happily customise.

For market expansion, our agile architecture makes it easy to add new products, entities, languages, and currencies to the existing IT framework.

By delivering scalable, flexible solutions we are able to bring your business alive in weeks, while our tested approach provides trust and time to focus on commercial matters.

Digital Strategy

How do you create a differentiated strategy and best serve clients through digital channels?

Okia provide digital strategy, UX, design and software development solutions and has extensive references with Banks, Insurance, Lenders and FinTechs.

Okia will ensure that your digital strategy is viable, that your brand is unique and recognised, and clients receive a superior value proposition.


How do you sign new clients compliantly without sacrificing client experience and cost efficiency?

Union | comply provides automated KYC screening using internal and external data sources integrated with a decision engine.

Union | comply ensures account opening occurs in accordance with corporate governance, while automation ensures quick turnaround times, auditability and process efficiencies.

Client Engagement

How do you deliver high-quality digital services and make them consistent with other channels?

Union | online is a suite of internet, mobile, POS and web tools which empower your clients with personalised, frictionless service 24/7.

Easily integrated with other systems, Union | online delivers deeper client relationships, bottom line impact through lower costs and higher sales and is easy to scale and adapt.

Credit Scoring

How do you improve our lending turnaround times and portfolio performance?

Union | comply has a credit decision engine which analyses internal and external data and scores applications in accordance with credit policies.

Union | comply delivers bottom-line impact through lower fraud, NPLs, and automation of data collection and analysis. Over time deep insights into better data improve policy making and product design.

Back Office Efficiency

Your Cost-income ratio is high and your valuation low, how can IT help change that?

Solutions such as Union | platform, Union | lms, and Union | markets are specially designed for the digital finance era. Functionality is modular and customisable, ensuring you get exactly what you need. Processes are highly automated without sacrificing client or user experience. Agile architecture supports real-time processing, Cloud hosting and integrations.

Union solutions deliver improved bottom line fast by reducing the cost of IT and client service. Improving client value propositions and business model agility delivers revenue gains through innovation and client engagement.

All this delivered with expertise and a flexible approach to ensure your digital transformation journey is smooth and effective.


Why do you spend more time on control and reporting than on making our business better?

Solutions such as Union | platform, Union | lms, and Union | markets have in-built governance features and reporting of activity and financial statements.

Client-centric architecture ensures all data, documents, transactions, and relationships are linked and identifiable. Governance features include access and process control augmented by a full audit trail. Real-time reporting ensures visibility.

Union solutions support a robust, standardised and measurable approach across your operations, while automation reduces operational risk and releases time for value-added activity.

Decision Making

How do you make fact-based decisions with such bad data and rapid changes?

Solutions such as Union | platform, Union | lms, and Union | markets are specially designed to ensure data is robust, comparable and transformable into BI.

Union solutions allow client, transaction and financial statement data to be reported via dashboards and reports. Reporting occurs in real-time, on daily close or over a defined period, on a subsidiary and consolidated group basis.

Management receives deep insights into performance and effectiveness, supporting enhanced client, operational and strategic decisions.