Union FinTech – a company with experinece in finance and tehnology

The Company

 Union FinTech is an innovative financial technology company powering the digital transformation of financial services.

 We are located in Tallinn, Estonia and active in the Baltic, Nordic, UK and Irish markets and continually expanding our geographic coverage to support clients automating their processes.

We are now seeking to expand our presence in Europe and emerging markets.

Our vision is to create a range of easy-to-use solutions which can be used as standalone modules or integrated infrastructure. All solutions will be digitally enabled, meaning real-time, multi-channel, API enabled and highly scalable.

We help banks, credit unions, lenders, FinTechs, insurance companies, payment providers and FX traders to improve their client value propositions, profitability and business model agility.

Team and expertise

Union Fintech benefits from an experienced team of professionals with deep experience in finance and technology.

The team, with 15 highly skilled professionals has collectively approx. 100 years of professional experience. Peeter Klanberg has over 25yrs experience managing financial IT for Nordic banks, developing solutions for Credit Unions and Central Banks and acts as a technology investor.

The platform

Clients choose Union FinTech because our long-term experience and cutting-edge technology is open to API, automated, customisable, Cloud hosted, real-time and client centric. We support this with domain expertise and a flexible approach.

Relaunched in 2012 we have been developing a range of client engagement, compliance, automation, marketplace, loan management and digital core solutions which are available as modules or integrated to provide full front-to-back infrastructure.

We are also expanding our offering to address the changing shape of financial services. E.g. launch of a new solution to make automated decisions, monitor sanctions and manage business processes in 2020.

Client engagement tools that provide a quality, consistent service through Web, Mobile and POS channels and make it easy for clients to understand and purchase your offer.

Product development timeline:

  • 2012 – 2013 product design and development
  • 2014 – first customer onboarded
  • 2015 – self-service interface launched and further customers onboarded
  • 2016 – launch of fx and payments as well as customer self-service onboarding
  • 2017 – major improvements on lending: asset based leasing, invoice factoring,…
  • 2018 – design facelift, reporting and messaging, improved CRM
  • 2019 – first bank onboarded and first international customer onboarded
  • 2020 – decision engine, process management and sanctions list modules
  • 2021 – … more will come

Custom services

Digital strategy: Our digital agency department OKIA provides strategy, UX, service design and software development to support digital client engagement. We take your concept, transform it into a viable solution and define the critical path to launch and scale. … In the digital era it is essential your brand is differentiated, innovative and that client service experience matches brand promises.

Digital service design: Design experts ensure your UI, copywriting and processes are optimised to deliver a frictionless user experience. Digital reduces the cost of client acquisition and service, and increases revenue by creating more sales events with better conversion.

Software Development: Engineering, testing and delivery of MVP and full product solutions using Sprint methodology.



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