Crowd / P2P

Supports all key processes required to run debt and equity marketplaces in real-time.


User friendly site where clients register, transact, communicate and can check their portfolios and balances.


Credit Scoring

Run AML checks on investors and assess the credit quality and maximum payment of borrowers in real-time.

credit scoring

Digital Core

Manage back office functions including client records, messaging, configuration, documents, reporting and accounting.

debt capacity

Union.crowd Marketplace is a simple-to-use website where borrowers apply and investors bid for deals. News feeds ensure high levels of interest and visualisation tools make it easy for users to understand and transact. Clients can use the Internet Banking service to check balances, message and transact. It is also possible for Investors to set preferences and receive alerts when matching deals are launched.

Credit Scoring is integrated allowing AML checks to be run on investors and the credit quality and maximum payment of borrowers assessed. Scoring models can be customised and data sourced from internal and external systems to ensure decisions are based on the best data set. Decisions are made in real-time and supported by a full audit trail.

Union.crowd has powerful Digital Core functionality to manage back office tasks including client records; messaging via SMS, email or letter; configuration of deals and prices; integrated documents and contracts; loan and deposit management; reporting and general ledger accounting.

By combining these modules service providers can manage their marketplace in real-time 24/7/365, increase profitability through process efficiency and be agile in service delivery and growth.

At present Union.crowd covers equity, personal loans, corporate loans, real estate and invoice finance in all major currencies. New instruments and currencies will be added over time.

Union.crowd can be delivered on a multi entity, currency and language basis, allowing users to customise for local markets whilst managing the business centrally. Reporting and general ledger accounting is available on an entity and consolidated Enterprise basis.

Being digitally enabled, the opportunity exists to customise the exact solution, add new products and countries easily, host yourself or use our managed solution. Configuration is easy and implementation and training support ensure you become an effective user quickly.

Union.crowd delivers benefits including deeper client relationships, bottom line impact and high corporate agility, see the links below for more.