Union Financial Technologies announces the launch of Union.crowd, a solution that allows Crowd and P2P providers to manage debt and equity marketplaces in real-time.

The solution allows clients to combine three modules to create a one stop solution:

1. Marketplace site where clients transact, communicate and can check their portfolios and balances;
2. Credit Scoring to run AML checks on investors and assess the credit quality and maximum payment of borrowers;
3. Digital Core where back office functions including client records, messaging, configuration, documents, reporting and accounting are managed.

By combining these modules the marketplace provider can automate the majority of their processes and operate in real-time 24/7/365.

Union.crowd is digitally enabled, allowing clients to customise, operate across multiple countries and integrate with other systems as required.

In addition to equity, Union.crowd covers personal, corporate and real estate loans and invoice finance in all key currencies. New instruments and currencies will be added over time.

Peeter Klanberg, CEO commented “With Bank balance sheets under pressure and both borrowers and investors seeking new solutions we have seen a boom in marketplace activity. Union.crowd will help marketplace providers meet this demand, deliver great real-time service and increase profitability through process efficiencies”.

Neil Mathieson, Business Development Director added “The modules behind Union.crowd have been used by existing clients for some time, we simply adapted our Digital Core solution to allow loans to be funded by multiple investors rather than just one. Using established functionality is essential to ensure a fast time-to-market and reliability for service providers”.

For further information please contact Peeter Klanberg on +372 505 1517 or visit www.unionfintech.com/crowd-p2p.

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