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Entire front-to-back solution for loan lifecycle management ready today. Automated decision making and business processes management bring efficiency, compliancy and confidence. Reports and business dashboards lead you into a great future.
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The world of FinTech is dynamic, offering huge rewards for innovation and agility. Launching a new venture quickly and cost-effectively is critical, as is building trust with clients and regulators. Union solutions are reliable, customisable and supported by a flexible approach, bringing you to market quickly.
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FX and Loan markets increasingly demand faster, better, cheaper. Balancing the needs for client experience and innovation with efficiency and governance requires superior technology. Union solutions give you a competitive edge by delivering real-time operations with high visibility, agility and efficiency.
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Credit Unions, Co-Ops and Community Banks face numerous challenges in today’s market. Competition from traditional and new challengers increases at a time when profitability is under pressure and legacy technology acts as a barrier to change. Union solutions help you improve your value proposition, bottom line and business model without sacrificing the values for which you stand.
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Banking faces a period of profound change as client, competitive and regulatory forces impact the industry. Those providing client choice with superior and efficient service delivery will be valued higher than those constrained by legacy technology. Union solutions improve your value proposition, bottom line and business model by supporting strategic and operational transformation.
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It increases corporate demand for simple and standardized electronic payment solutions in b2b-relationships especially in the purchasing and sales processes. An enhancement with a buy-now-pay-later approach enables customers managing their liquidity.
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Key benefits

How do you launch new products, markets and businesses quickly and cost-effectively in a secure manner using existing tools and services?
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Client engagement
How do you provide valuable high-quality digital services and how do you align them with other channels?

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KYC / Complyance
How do you sign new clients without sacrificing client experience and cost efficiency?

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5 easy steps on the journey

01 Build digital strategy
Build digital strategy
02 Design automated products
Design automated products
03 Test experience
Test experience
04 Launch
05 Get support
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