Loan life cycle automation

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Decision making and process automation

Decision Engine
Automating of decision making at loan applications management helps you to save human resources, which can be used for more valuable tasks and plans.
Process Management
Many tasks are easier for computers than for a human. By automating them, you reduce the number of errors in your business processes - Make less mistakes.
Automating away tasks, which are mundane but time consuming help improve employee efficiency - save time and money.
Debt Collection
Contract or customer-based procedures, debt reporting to credit bureaus, sale of debt claims, built-in emailing, texting and call-centre interfaces.
Automating of NPL notifications, monitoring of customer records, keeping track of reminders, generating tasks, managing payments etc.

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Business unit dashboards keep you always informed
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SSL encryption
GDPR Compliance
2 factor authentication
Anti-fraud, sanctions, PEP measures
Financial inspection ready

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Own development
3 000 / per month
Cost of own employee month
3 000
Own development project
1 year
2 years
3 years
Union subscription
900 to 2 000 / per month
Investment alternative (15% int)
Savings on:
IT staff
Loan managers
Experts (eg attorneys)
Account managers

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Financial Services are changing fast, from client requirements to market forces and technology
the speed and scale of change are huge. Choose advanced technologies to win a competition.

Lending starter

For lenders wanting a automation of a loan process in the back-end
  • CRM
  • Secure and unsecure loans
  • Consumer and business loans
  • Revolving credit
  • Fixed and variable rates
  • Customer notification
  • GL and reporting
  • Intrabank transactions, cash in/out

Track the most accurate and up-to-date loan information.
starting at
900 / per month

Lending expert

For a lenders wanting a full automation through an entire lending life cycle
  • Included in lending starter
  • Asset based lending (leasing)
  • Factoring
  • Self-service
  • Desicion engine
  • Onboarding
  • Sanction list
  • Debt collection

Track the most accurate and up-to-date loan information.
starting at
1 900 / per month

Core banking

Best choice for businesses who want to grow and do more
  • All included in Lending expert
  • Deposits
  • Payments (intra, gross border)
  • FX
  • Regulatoory reporting
  • Accounting
  • Data collection, DWH
  • Open Banking/ PSD2
  • ....

Including everything you need to grow your business.

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self-service, email and phone
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