Digital platform for financial services

Who We Help

Credit Unions

Cost effective, easy to use solutions for your members and staff


Full platform solution for digital finance: modular,  customisable, cloud based, and highly effective 


API, regulator and budget friendly solutions which are fast to implement and easy to adapt 


Automated onboarding, scoring and loan management for consumer and asset finance 


Real-time client engagement, trading and management of FX, P2P and Crowdfunding 

Micro Finance

Cost effective, easy to use solutions for your clients and staff 

Your Solutions

We provide solutions and support for a wide range of digital finance needs, use standalone or integrate into a single, integrated solution.

Union | platform

Cloud based, open to API and customisable. Modules include client records, messaging, product management, accounting and reporting 

Union | comply

Automated KYC screening and credit decisions. Ensure compliant onboarding and lending without sacrificing client experience or efficiency 

Union | lms

Reliable functionality for automation of loan management. Benefit from improved insight, turnaround times and process efficiency 

Union | markets

Real-time trading, co-financing and management of financial instruments. Secure solution agile to changing market and client needs 


Digital strategy, UX and process design solutions to ensuring your brand is alive and online service delivery optimised 

Union | online

Attract clients, improve their experience and cross-sell 24/7 using our self-service, POS and customised solutions 

Case Studies

We have helped clients, large and small, by delivering value-added solutions in a highly professional and flexible manner:


Estonia’s newest bank has selected Union to create a digital platform and expand in consumer and SME markets.

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