Digital Core

Supports all key delivery channels, transactions and processes required to run a financial services business efficiently in real-time.

Union.core helps financial service providers improve market reach and service quality, increase profitability through process efficiency and improve corporate governance by providing a standard approach and deep insights.

Here is a summary of key modules and features:


Client Records
Union.core is client centric, meaning that data, documents and transactions are always referenced to the client. It is also possible to link clients, say to a spouse or a business. This makes it easy to identify relationships, in turn improving KYC and profitability analysis.

Customer Messaging
Send and receive messages to clients using letters, emails and SMS. Messaging can be automated based on certain events such as a missed payment or as part of a sales campaign, supporting 24/7/365 origination and service in a cost effective manner.

Internet Bank
Internet Bank is an easy-to-use solution that provides account information, messaging and new deposit and loan applications. Clients can log-in using their Digital identity or conventional password. Empower clients with anytime anywhere banking, provide personalised offers and reduce costs through self-servicing.

Product Configuration
Union.core allows management to set product features, rates, fees and other parameters locally or at a central location. This includes tiered pricing structures for specific segments, channels and locations. Provide local empowerment or improve corporate governance depending on your Enterprise culture.

Document Management
Union.core provides integrated questionnaires, contracts and price lists. These can be created in PDF, HTML or plain text formats and attached to a specific process or client. Using pre-set templates creates process efficiency and reduces operational risk.

Manage credit applications, approve loans and monitor servicing and NPL’s in a single place, ensuring better portfolio management. Integrate with and Union.score to automate the entire loan life cycle.

Manage overnight and term deposits using multiple interest conditions and conventions. Automatic calculation of interest, easy to prolong on maturity.

Manage online transactions and cash exchanges in the Bureau de Change channel. Real-time rates feeds and reporting ensure dynamic risk and margin management. Add new currencies and asset classes quickly and easily.

Union.core is enabled for cash, bulk, internal, SWIFT and SEPA payments. These can be executed by clients or on behalf of the Enterprise. For clients it is possible to define different payment priorities and tariffs based on the product, channel, etc. Secure, real-time interface with payment and AML list providers.

End-of-Day Processes
Define repetitive processes such as interest calculation, messaging, reporting, etc to occur automatically on a defined frequency. Union.core will confirm which processes were run and when. Create significant process efficiencies and reduce operational risk.

Reporting & MIS
Union.core has a management Dashboard which provides real-time information including cash balances, rates and news feeds on an entity and consolidated Enterprise basis. There are also a wide range of pre-set reports for management and regulators which are produced daily or on a defined frequency. Receive automatically and export to CSV, HTML, PDF, XLS or XML formats. It is possible to request customised reports.

General Ledger
General ledger accounting on an individual entity and consolidated Enterprise basis. Client defines hierarchy based on legal structure. Union.core automatically debits/credits the defined accounts when transactions occur. IFRS compliant.

Management define what users see and do, supported by a daily audit trail across the Enterprise. The Administration module also makes it easy to add new products, languages, entities and features to support growth.


Universal Solution
Union.core can be delivered on a multi entity, currency and language basis. This allows you to customise for local operations whilst having the ability to manage data, products and processes centrally. Reporting and accounting is available on an individual entity and consolidated Enterprise basis.

Multi-channel Delivery
Union.core can be implemented in Digital channels, branches, shared service centres and through partners. The Internet Bank module also allows clients to self-service and request new products. This ensures a quality, consistent service 24/7/365 across all channels.

Digitally Enabled
As a digitally enabled solution Union.core is extremely powerful. The architecture is modular, meaning you pay only for what you require. The architecture is agile, it is easy to interface with other systems and add new features and products as your business grows. It is possible to automate end-to-end processes which occur in real-time, ensuring accuracy of client and Enterprise data. Install on your servers or receive via the Cloud. For more information on Digital Transformation please see our blog.

High Usability
Union.core has simplified user interfaces for key tasks and processes, supported by training and online help guides to ensure users become effective quickly.



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Client Messaging

Send and receive messages using letters, email, SMS and digital channels. Messaging can be ad hoc, as part of a sales campaign or event based such as payment authorisation or missed loan repayments.

Channel Configuration

Configure internet, mobile and POS channels. Define what viewing and usage rights clients have to account information, messaging, new product requests and self-servicing. Clients can log-in using their digital identity or conventional password.