Digital Core

Union.core has helped clients including established Financial Institutions and Start-up specialists.

Deeper Client Relationships
Deliver a quality and consistent service 24/7/365 across all channels > Increase interaction and make it easy for clients to understand and buy your offering > Clear views on relationships and profitability.

Bottom Line Impact
Increase revenues from better cross-sell and up-sell > Digital transformation reduces cost of sale and service > Create process efficiencies through automation > Modular nature means you pay only for what you require.

Corporate Governance
Standardise data and processes across your Enterprise > Manage products and processes centrally > Accurate client records and accounting > Make better decisions using real-time data.

Corporate Agility
Remove silos to develop deep insights on performance > Customise to your requirement > Add new entities and products as your business grows > Solution is easy to implement, scale and adapt.

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