Real-time Screening Of Clients To Ensure Accurate Decisions On Credit Quality And Debt Capacity

Deeper Client Relationships
Deliver a consistent service across all channels » Ensure clients receive the right product at the right time and price » Do more with your valued clients.

Bottom Line Impact
Originate 24/7/365 and improve cross-sell to increase revenues » Reduce losses to fraud and bad debt » Create process efficiencies by automating data collection and analysis.

Corporate Governance
Automate analysis and integrate contracts to reduce operational risk » Make better decisions using real-time data from multiple sources » Originate clients and transactions in an auditable framework.

Corporate Agility
Customise to your exact need, scale quickly and adapt easily » Accelerate the speed you make decisions and bring products and campaigns to market » Create deep insights on clients and credit policy.

Union.score has delivered benefits to international retail banks and consumer credit specialists, see the Case Studies for more.

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