Provide a quality service through Web, Mobile and POS channels and make it easy for clients to understand and purchase your offer.

Internet Bank

Real-time balances and transactions, client messaging and personalised offers.

internet bank

Partner Portals

Allow Retailers to offer your products at the POS, when and where it matters most.

Sites & Sales Tools

Engaging websites make it easy to understand and purchase your offering 24/7/365.


Real-time management data to improve decision making and governance.

Internet Bank allows clients to check their balances, make transactions and apply for new lending, deposit and FX products. Clients can log-in using digital ID or conventional passwords, send messages and self-service. Financial service providers can give updates and make personalised offers. Internet Bank operates in real-time 24/7/365 with a full audit trail.

Partner Portals allow credit providers to offer their products via Retailers at the POS, when and where it matters most. An engaging website makes it easy for the consumer to understand and compare offers. A simple user interface, with integrated contracts, makes it easy for sales staff to complete applications. Integration with credit scoring and digital core systems ensure that decisions are received in seconds and loans booked accurately.

Sites & Sales Tools are customised based on a specific channel, segment or country. Calculators and visuals are used to make it easy for clients to understand the offering, building trust and accelerating the sales cycle. Websites can be interfaced with other systems to automate the process of client origination and deal management.

Management Dashboards provide real-time performance information, balances and market data from the digital core system, on an entity for consolidated Enterprise basis. It is also possible to integrate third party information sources and news, providing management with improved data and visibility for decision making.

Digital solutions are agile, in addition to being customisable they are quick to scale and easy to adapt. Digital transformation helps to increase revenue from cross-sell, reduce the cost of client coverage and improve Enterprise data. has delivered higher profitability and corporate agility to international retail banks, consumer credit specialists and FX brokers, see the Case Studies for more.

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