Bank In A Box

Full architecture to help Start-up financial service providers launch quickly and effectively.

Union solutions can be combined to provide a one-stop solution covering all key delivery channels, transactions and processes required to run a financial services business efficiently in real-time. 

Key features include:

Client Engagement  Originate clients and transactions 24/7/365 using
Credit Scoring  Validate credit quality and maximum payment using Union.score
Digital Core  Manage customer records, messaging, product configuration, payments, reporting and general ledger in Union.core is a range Client Engagement tools that allow you to provide a quality, consistent service through Web, Mobile and POS channels and make it easy for clients to understand and purchase your offer 24/7/365. Digital solutions are extremely agile, in addition to being customisable they are quick to scale and easy to adapt.

Union.score is a credit scoring solution that helps you make better decisions about client credit quality and debt capacity, ensuring clients receive the right product at the right time and price. Real-time interfaces with internal and external data sources ensure decisions are based on the best possible data set. Customise your data sources and scoring parameters, calibrate models to match internal policies, adapt quickly and easily as conditions change.

Union.core is a Digital Core system that supports all key delivery channels, transactions and processes required to run a financial services business efficiently in real-time. Modules include customer records and messaging, document management, product configuration, transaction processing, payments, reporting and general ledger accounting. For a full overview see here.

Combining Union solutions allows users to automate entire transaction life cycles and complex processes in a single, unified system. All our solutions are Digitally enabled and operate in real-time.

Bank In A Box can be installed on your enterprise architecture or delivered as a managed service. Configuration is easy and full implementation and training support ensure your organisation be effective quickly.

As a reliable solution proven with established Financial Institutions and Start-up specialists, Bank In A Box can help satisfy regulators you have appropriate systems and controls. Our ability to deploy quickly and cost effectively improves your time to market and allows management to focus on strategic goals, see the links below for more.